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This German-English glossary contains definitions of words used in the context of the University. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to let us know, otherwise you may use the „Suggest a Word“ feature at the very top of this page.

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available degrees / courses on offer academic achievements admission criteria application dossier / application for admission to university Admissions Office Admissions and Student Management Administrative Council (a one-semester) leave of absence / semester of leave academic transcript academic organization


Bachelor thesis Bachelor examination Bachelor course / Bachelor's degree course/programme / undergraduate programme Bachelor's degree student / undergraduate student Bachelor's degree certificate business administration/studies biochemical and biomedicinal analytics biotechnology and applied ecology basic skills basic order


collaborative thesis cheating compulsory coursework Course & Exam Regulations (CER) curriculum completion grant compulsory modules course of study / degree course / degree programme (course) timetable course semester


degree double degree / multiple degree degree course regulations Dean of Studies dropout rate for students / university dropout rate Disability Advisory Service degree mobility department disenrolment (from university) definite fail


equivalence assessment examination period / exam weeks Examination Committee examination evidence of examinations examination regulations examinations timetable examination part examination date examination papers


final module / graduation module Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences foundation studies Foreign Students' College first degree starter(s) fluid mechanics fluid-flow machines foundation free attempt Faculty Council


graduate/final thesis / final degree paper graduate, alumnus (alumna, alumni) general business studies general higher education entrance qualification German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) genetic technology geomechanics geotechnology group examination good


Head (of divison) Health, Ageing, Technology higher education institution higher education partnership higher education system health care management Human Resource Administration & Law head of [unit] halls of residence / student halls housing and real estate management


International Office invigilator initial vocational education (IVET) industrial placement interdisciplinary inclusion studies integrated management systems integrated management intelligent systems international management


joint programmes joint degree


KIA (sandwich-style) degree course Kinder Academy key competences


landfill site technology and soil substrata research laboratory/lab work lifelong learning lecturer with a specified function learning outcomes Lisbon Recognition Convention laboratory and practical classes learning objective / intended learning outcomes lecture


marking / grading Mensa / canteen mark / grade molecular biotechnology module convenor module examination (module) syllabus module grade module catalogue module guide


non-degree seeking guest student Natural and Environmental Sciences nature conservation/landscape planning natural material process and processing technology new materials and technologies not sufficient / fail(ed) notice of admission / admission confirmation


officer observer observer occupational profile one-cycle (study) programme one-cycle (study) programme (overall) grade outstanding performance oral examination optional module


part-time (Teilzeit) / extramural (Externe) / distance-learning (Fernstudium) program prep course process technology Process Development, Peat and Natural Materials Research phytosociology/biotope protection problem (solving) classes peat refinement peat processing periods of study


Quality Management quality assurance quality assurance (QA) accreditation


rejection notice/letter regulations for admission representatives representative radiation technology and radiation protection radiation and nuclear energy technology re-enrolment Rectorate Rector renewable energy systems


submission study mode / mode of study Senate Seniors College Safety and Health at Work summer semester (SuSe) social work social gerontology Social Sciences (staff) unit


to complete a module, examination third cycle programme / PhD programme template tutorial Transformation, Housing, and Socio-Spatial Development toxicology tourism management template Technical Administration & Facility Services Timetabling and Space Management


University Choir University Sports Office (university) degree university dropout urban neighbourhood research university entrance qualification University Administration University Language Centre University Data Centre understanding science and humanities


vocational education and training (VET) Vice-Dean Vice-Rector Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs & International Relations Vice-Rector for Research viva voce examination very good


writing-up period written assignment / semester paper / term paper weighting of marks work placement / traineeship (work) placement project / practical experience project (work) placement semester / practical experience semester (work) placement semester report / practical experience report withdrawal weighting of marks winter semester (WiSe)




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